Big-bag with 1 handle

Big-bag with 2 handles

Open top

Open top with flap

Filling Skirt

Open-Closing Top

Closing with pull-strap

Filling sprout


Big-bags is a type of sof polyprophylene packaging which is suitable for transporting and storage of loose food or other loose products.
Big-bag packaging is an optimal transporting and storage solution for these types of products: grain, seed, soil fertilizers, sand, cement and etc.
Use of soft Big-bag containers will lower the cost of transportation and storage . products packed in Big-bags can be stacked up to 3 rows in height, thus saving the space on a warehouse.
Big-bags can be made reusable, disposable, with 1,2 or 4 handles.
Big-bags can be imprinted with up to 4 layers.
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