Container liners

Container liners are mostly used to transport loose products. They can be used for all types of 20' и 40' ISO containers. The main type of our container liners has a zip tie, but other designs can be made on request of our clients (for example a filling valve). The loading can be done using a filling valve, opening the front wall of the liner, or using the low-pressure filling.

Advantages of using a container liner:

  • Optimal protection of the transported products before contamination
  • All the liners can be custom made by request
  • Easy instalation (less than 10 minutes)
  • Increased performance of transportation and low costs
  • Low weight – liners for a 20' container weights only 7 kg
Typical products – hops, flour, food or other granules, etc.

We offer a wide range of container liners with different sizes and designs. There are three main types: for dry loose products, non-dangerous liquids and thermo liners for keeping a constant temperature inside.


Flexible and lightweight design of a new generation for transporting liquids. Flexi-tank has passed a test in severe conditions offering you a high-standard and security in transportation A disposable flexi-tank can be taken apart and all the valves could be used again. Materials, form and the design used to produce these liners offer you a high safety standart during transportation . Materials used to produce liners can be easily recycled; empty flexi-tanks are very lightweight and can be easily transported. Made out of severals layers of polyetylene and polypropylene. Inner layer serves as a liquid container, while the outer layer and the top serves as a good protection from outside dangerous factors.

Thermo liners:

This liners was designed to isolate standard sea containers using a special barrier which helps the products to avoid dangerous temperature jumps throughout transportation. Transportation using sea containers always threatens the product from the point of temperature instabillity. It often causes damage or loss of the product quality, insurance problems and the loss of your clients faith in your high-standart products.

A good example is the transportation of wines when even a small change in temperature causes severe damage to the quality.
Wine making is a very precise science and also a very serious bussiness. So it is important for the wine to reach the end customer without any changes of its taste and quality. A full container of wine costs a lot more than a thermo liner, which will provide you with the nessesary safety so you don't have to worry about anything

The protective liner allows the product to be loaded with a fork-transporter or manually. It is securely sealed on all six sides and controls the inner moisture and temperature inside. Products inside are protected from the temperature changes and excess moisture which can easily damage them.
Without the use of thermo liners your products can suffer from excess temperature or cold weather conditions.

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